A goal without a plan is just a wish.

By initiating bicycle and pedestrian master plans in every community in all four Wasatch Front counties, we’ll ensure safe, connected bicycling routes are always a priority.

About Wasatch Bike Plan

Our lives don’t stop at municipal boundaries and neither should bicycle routes. In order to make bicycling a reasonable transportation and recreation choice for everyone along the Wasatch Front, every community needs to be engaged. Bike Utah is working with our regional partners so every municipality in the four Wasatch Front counties can develop and adopt bicycle and pedestrian master plans. If your community doesn’t have an adopted plan, the odds of bicycle lanes, paths, and trails being built are low.

Developing and adopting a plan are the first necessary steps. Check out the map below to see if your community has a plan. If your community isn’t green or yellow, learn about Active Transportation Plans here! All plans should meet the Active Transportation Plan Standards we have developed with our partners. Learn more about the standards here.

Help Plan for More Bicycling

If your community doesn’t have a plan in place (as in, it isn’t shown in yellow or green in the map above), Bike Utah needs you and your fellow residents’ help! Send us a message! We’ll all work together with elected officials to get things moving.

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