Bike Utah Executive Director Stepping Down at the End of the Summer

Thank You for Helping Make Utah a Better Place to Ride

After five and a half years in the position, I will be stepping down as Executive Director later this summer. My wife has accepted a position out of state and we will be moving in the coming months. 

Serving as Bike Utah's Executive Director has truly been my honor and I couldn't be more proud of our progress. 

We have come a long way in the last five years. Together we have: 
 - Grown from an organization of one full-time staff member to seven full-time employees, allowing us to expand our reach across Utah
 - Educated more than 9,000 children around the state through the Youth BEST Program
 - Increased the percentage of Wasatch Front communities with Bicycle Master Plans from 13% to 63%
 - Launched the 1,000 Miles Campaign with the Governor to build 1,000 miles of new family-friendly bike lanes, paths, and trails by 2027
 - Engaged thousands of mountain bikers through the Mid Week MTB Series 
 - Passed numerous laws to improve bicycle safety and increase funding for bicycle infrastructure
 - Put countless communities on track for building more bike lanes, paths, and trails for transportation and recreation

It has never been an easy road (or path or trail), but it has been much easier knowing that thousands of people around Utah are supporting our efforts. The organization is in great hands with an outstanding board of directors and a phenomenal staff team. 

Thank you again for all of the support. 

Phil Sarnoff

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Bike Utah