2019 Legislative Update

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2019 Utah Legislative Session Final Roundup

This year's session turned out to be one of the most important in recent memory when it comes to the emphasis put on bicycling and active transportation. 

The two bills that will have the farthest reaching impact are Senate Bill 34 and Senate Bill 72. S.B. 34 will require active transportation to be included in every community’s general plan. This addition will ensure that more communities are being proactive in integrating bicycling and walking. S.B. 72 will open up a major funding source for bicycling and walking. This bill makes active transportation projects eligible for millions of dollars through the Transportation Investment Fund. 

Some other big wins were: the "Rolling Coal Bill" (H.B. 139) that prohibits vehicles from distracting or endangering a vulnerable roadway user with excessive exhaust; the Safe Routes to School Bill (H.B. 208) requires the Department of Transportation to establish a Safe Routes to School Program*; and the appropriation for the Youth BEST Program and 1,000 Miles Campaign was approved. 

The two most notable losses were failures of the "Utah Yield" and the Hands-Free Cellphone Bill. In spite of these losses, the 2019 Utah Legislative Session was generally positive when it comes to improving bicycling and active transportation in Utah. 

*UDOT currently has a SRTS Program. However, prior to this bill, the program is not mandated and could have been eliminated depending on department leadership. Unfortunately, the $500,000 in additional program funding in this bill was stripped prior to passing. 

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Phil Sarnoff