5 Ways to Stay Visible at Night

Stay Visible at Night.jpg

In the heat of summer, oftentimes the best times to ride is early in the morning and later in the evening. However, the times outside of daylight hours are the most dangerous for bicyclists.

Here are five simple ways you can stay visible. The more of these you use, the safer you will be.

Lighted Streets – If you have the ability to travel on a route that has streetlights, these lights will help to improve how well you can be seen by others.

Ride Where You Can Be Seen – Rather than staying as far to the right as possible, move a little further into the bicycle lane so you can be clearly seen by vehicles approaching from behind.

Lights – Adding a front, white headlight and a rear, red taillight makes you more visible from a distance. A larger amount of power for the light will help you to be even brighter and more noticeable.

Reflectors and Reflective Material – In addition to lights, the addition of reflectors and reflective material help to improve visibility from multiple angles. Spoke reflectors and other reflective material on the sides of bicycles help to improve how well you are seen at intersections.

Clothing – Selecting the proper clothing can also help to keep you visible. Bright-colored clothing with reflective material is much more noticeable for people in motor vehicles. In addition, reflective material on your ankles can also help as motion helps to attract attention.

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