More places to ride means more people riding!

In partnership with the Governor, we’re helping Utah communities build
1,000 new miles of family-friendly bicycle lanes, paths, and trails.

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About the 1,000 Miles Campaign

In 2017 Governor Herbert initiated the 1,000 Miles Campaign to build 1,000 new miles of family-friendly bike paths, lanes, and trails by 2027.

Bike Utah is honored to be the nonprofit partner designated to carry out the implementation of the 1,000 Miles Campaign. We provide strategic planning, technical assistance, and connections to financial resources, so communities can begin or continue developing bicycling in their area.

What are family-friendly bike lanes, paths, and trails?

  • On-street bike lanes that provide a high level of comfort for all users

  • Multi-use pathways that serve as transportation and recreation routes for people of all ages and abilities

  • Mountain bike trails for a range of skill levels

  • Neighborhood bicycle routes so individuals, families, and children can get to local destinations, including work, school, parks, church, and businesses

Progress Toward 1,000 Miles

As we collect data from communities who have built family-friendly bike infrastructure since May 2017, and as more communities complete projects, we’ll update this interactive map, so that you can track progress, ride new places, connect these routes to existing infrastructure, and suggest more improvements to keep the momentum rolling!

Involve Your Community!

We want to help you and your community build family-friendly bicycle infrastructure! If you have a plan for improved bicycling in your community, send us an message. We’ll supply the answers to help you advance your area’s bicycle-related goals.

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Header image courtesy of Mountainland Association of Governments